This design for an office building is devided in three zones.


To the south lies the entrance hall and stairs, being basically an oversized solar collector. In the middle of the building are all services, toilet rooms, storage, computers, ventilation and heat exchange systems and the elevators. And to the north the offices, thus never getting too much sun to overheat or obstruct your monitor.


Fresh air is sucked in from above, lead down to the offices. Used air can escape to the entrance hall, being heated up by the sun if there is any, rising upwards. Then it is pumped down, passes heat exchangers which pass on the gained energy to a vast insulated heat storage system underground next to the building.


The temperature is regulated by either adding heat from the storage tank or gaining heat and transfering it to the storage.

This project has been realized with AutoCad 2010. The horizontal sections are an ellispe which had become a polygon. The centre of the ellipse follow an arc and its size is changed gradually while rising from below to above. Thus all the surface is entirely composed af plane surfaces which are to become the outer glass coating, avoiding geometrical problems during the realization phase already when determining the design.